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Daughter forced to show mum’s ashes to disability inspector to prove dead woman is not fit to work

Daughter forced to show mum’s ashes to disability inspector to prove dead woman is not fit to work
An outraged daughter handed an urn containing her deceased mother’s ashes to a disability inspector when he showed up to assess the mother’s ability to work. She had passed away seven months before.

Hatti Broxton said she was left “angry and upset” over the incident, which saw the Work and Pensions Department send a disability inspector to assess whether Hatti’s mother Louise was fit to work. She claims the department had previously acknowledged the death and offered their condolences.

Hatti, 27, said she had immediately informed authorities of her mother’s death in August and the benefits were then ended. But she nonetheless received a letter in February addressed to her mother stating doctors would turn up at the property in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, for an assessment on March 13 between 11am and 2pm.

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“It’s our government that has done this to us,” she said, the Daily Mirror reports. "I’m only 27 and my brother has just turned 17. We’ve been through enough already and we don’t need this.

“I told the DWP afterwards I’d love to live in the world that the DWP live in, the one where my mum’s still alive. But she’s been gone for seven months."

A DWP spokesperson said: “We’ve apologized to Ms Broxton for the distress caused by the administrative error.”

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