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‘He’s a grown-ass man’: UFC star Tate accuses Jones of ‘unforgiveable things’, warns him over alleged bloody domestic disturbance

‘He’s a grown-ass man’: UFC star Tate accuses Jones of ‘unforgiveable things’, warns him over alleged bloody domestic disturbance
Ex-UFC champ Miesha Tate has told hall-of-famer Jon Jones to be a 'grown-ass man' and insisted his fiancee and parents are not responsible for him, reacting after his latest high-profile arrest last month.

Just hours after being inducted to the elite MMA championship's Hall of Fame for his legendary 2013 title match epic with Alexander Gustafsson, troubled Jones was arrested after allegedly pulling his fiancée's hair over a row stemming from his desire to spend $10,000 in a strip club, reportedly head-butting a police car.

Las Vegas Police have also reported that blood was seen on the bed sheets inside the couple's hotel room, and fiancee Jessie Moses also allegedly had a bloody lip after telling police that the UFC star had been a "little" physical with her – although she denied he had struck her and did not allow an interview or photographs to be taken of her. 

The police report detailed how Jones, who has a lengthy rap sheet, supposedly cried when charged by police, with officers describing his behavior as akin to "an emotional rollercoaster". 

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The couple seemed to have made up when Jones posted what some described as a "bizarre" video of the pair kissing over the weekend, but returning octagon star Tate remains unimpressed with his behavior and has called on the New York state native to get his house in order.

"It is so disheartening," Tate told MMAMania.com"Jon Jones, we can give him all the compliments for his accolades and he deserves that, but there are just a lot of unforgivable things that he’s done throughout the history of his career.

"At least in the limelight that we know of. It’s really tough to separate, I think it’s getting more difficult for fans to separate the two. To just be a fan of him as a fighter and not recognize the other things he does as a human being that kind of tarnish that.

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"Jon Jones should be in charge of Jon Jones. There’s nobody else that we should be looking at.

"It’s not his fiancee's fault; it’s not his parents’ fault at this point. He’s a grown-ass man. He’s a grown-ass man and he needs to be responsible."

Tate described herself as an "acquaintance-slash-friend" of Jones and said he wishes no ill towards him, acknowledging that she has "p*ssed him off" with previous comments while warning him to avoid his "Kryptonites".

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"Whether that be alcohol, whether it be certain kinds of drugs, I don’t know," she said.

"If it’s an atmosphere [or] if it’s Las Vegas... if you need to, walk out of the room when you’re upset and take an hour before you come back and talk to your partner.

Speaking about Jones' shame in Vegas, his adviser, Richard Schaefer, confessed he had been shocked by the incident. "Everything was really going very well," he told The Sun.

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"When he arrived in Vegas, everything was fine. I think when you look at the videos, the night of the hall-of-fame induction, he was great."

"So everything was going great. And then, the next day when I wake up, I wake up to this news and I was, of course, shocked. Jon is one of the most genuine and nicest people I have ever met."

Schaefer claimed that UFC president Dana White, who voiced his frustration with the saga, shares his approach of waiting to "see how this whole thing plays out."

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"And now we just need to see how this whole thing is going to play out legally before really making a rush to judgement," he added. "I think the UFC is taking that same stance.

"And then we can make our opinions and we can do like – we just need to see."

"I can't really, from a legal point of view... as you can imagine, talk about it."

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