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4 Feb, 2021 13:49

Tokyo Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori in sexism row after saying that women talk too much

Tokyo Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori in sexism row after saying that women talk too much

Tokyo Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori is in hot water after saying that his female colleagues talk too much during meetings. His comments sparked outrage, critics cried sexism, and he apologized.

On Wednesday Mori said that women talk too much in meetings, suggesting that their speaking time should be restricted otherwise their speech would “never stop.”

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Women have a strong sense of rivalry. If one (female) member raises her hand to speak, all the others feel the need to speak too. Everyone ends up saying something,” Mori said.

Somebody told me that if we increase the number of women (on the board), we have to also restrict their speaking time to an extent. Otherwise they’ll never stop, which is problematic.”

His comments triggered public uproar on social media. The hashtag “Mori, please resign” started trending on Twitter in Japan Thursday morning.

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Some outraged followers even suggested that sponsors should press Mori to step down as the head of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the city's Olympic Games.

The 83-year-old official later apologized for his words, admitting that the remarks were “inappropriate,” but refusing to resign amid the sexism row.

It was an inappropriate remark. I would like to apologize,” Mori said, adding that he has “no intention of resigning,” as he is in charge of organizing Tokyo’s Olympic Games this coming summer.