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9 Jun, 2020 15:02

'Famous Irish sports star' won't face charges for alleged sexual assault in Dublin hotel, according to Irish prosecutors - reports

'Famous Irish sports star' won't face charges for alleged sexual assault in Dublin hotel, according to Irish prosecutors - reports

A globally famous Irish sports superstar will not face sexual assault charges for an alleged 2018 incident in a Dublin hotel, according to the country's Director of Public Prosecutions.

The sportsperson, whose identity has been withheld per Irish law, was arrested by Irish police in January 2019 following an incident the month prior which was alleged to have taken place in a Dublin hotel.

The man voluntarily presented himself to the authorities around a month after the allegation but was subsequently released without charge. Reports from the Irish capital state that the same person was also investigated for a separate but similar incident near a Dublin pub in October 2019. 

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However, the sports star in question will not face any charges according to reporting from local media.

The decision from the Director of Public Prosecutions states that the case would not be considered strong enough to convince a jury of the person's guilt. 

The allegations stemmed from a woman presenting herself to Irish police in December 2018 alleging that she had been sexually assaulted, after which she was transported to the Rotunda Hospital Sexual Assault Treatment Unit.

"The woman turned up at a South Dublin garda (police) station and made a complaint of rape," the Irish Mirror quoted a source as saying.

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"Officers then took her to the SATU at the Rotunda Hospital for an examination. The case was then transferred to gardai at Pearse Street as the incident is alleged to have taken place at a hotel in the city center.

"A team of officers under senior gardai are carrying out investigations."

The sports star in question has consistently maintained his innocence throughout the allegations.

Note: The Irish Mirror subsequently removed the article from its website, but reports citing today's story on the front page of the Irish Daily Star remain online.