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23 Mar, 2020 11:52

'Kobe mode': NFL's most expensive cornerback Darius Slay changes shirt number in tribute to Kobe Bryant (VIDEO)

'Kobe mode': NFL's most expensive cornerback Darius Slay changes shirt number in tribute to Kobe Bryant (VIDEO)

NFL cornerback Darius Slay is swapping the Detroit Lions for the Philadelphia Eagles for the coming NFL season, and he's going to change shirt numbers, in honor of one of the city's most celebrated sports stars.

Slay, who wore the number 23 jersey throughout his six-year stint at the Lions, was traded to the Eagles for third- and fifth-round draft picks, and announced that he's changing his number to 24 in a tribute to the late NBA legend, Philadephia-born Kobe Bryant.

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"My number I'm rocking? I'm going with that 2-4, man. I'm rockin' with 2-4 this year," Slay during an Instagram Live video.

"Kobe mode. Black mamba, baby. Rest in peace to the GOAT, man. Rest in peace to one of my favorite players. ... I think I'm gonna look good in 24."

"Big Play" Slay became the highest-paid cornerback in the move, as he signed a three deal worth $50 million, and in an Instagram post said farewell to Detroit.

"DETROIT!!!!...man I can’t thank y’all enough!!! It’s been real," he posted.

"To the fans, Former teammates, the Lions Coaches & Staff, I appreciate all you guys to the fullest. Since I got drafted to Detroit, the city has shown nothing but love & respect, imma really miss pulling up to all the high school games here in Detroit & showing y’all love., I can’t thank y’all enough. Big Play will always love the fans!"

He also had a message for his new fans in Philadelphia, saying, "To my New eagles fans, ya boii is READY!!! Playing for Kobe’s favorite NFL team is a dream come true. Man it’s truly a blessing. Time to get to work & show the city what we can do!!!! PHILLY WASSSSS GOOD!!!! #EAGLES #FLYHIGH"

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