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Cristiano Ronaldo's mother speaks of 'difficult days' as she posts emotional message upon release from hospital

Cristiano Ronaldo's mother speaks of 'difficult days' as she posts emotional message upon release from hospital
Maria Dolores, mother of Juventus star Cristinao Ronaldo, had been in hospital since a March 3 stroke and has issued an emotional message on social media after being given a clean bill of health by Portuguese doctors.

The 65-year-old was discharged from a medical facility on Saturday after suffering from a ischemic stroke, a condition caused by a clot blocking a blood vessel to the brain.

Her superstar son had flown to the hospital in Madeira soon after hearing the news, where he has stayed during the coronavirus outbreak which has ravaged Italy, and was seen wearing protective clothing, such as masks and gloves, while visiting her during her two-week stay.

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And in her first comments since being discharged, Dolores took the opportunity to thank her family for their support and asked people to galvanize themselves for any "difficult days" which may lie ahead.

"I am lucky to have the opportunity to live to love my family and have them close to me," she wrote via translation on Instagram, accompanied by a picture of her smiling on a balcony.

"Thank you to everyone for their support and affection. These have been difficult days but of struggle and victory. Now I’m at home surrounded by the love of my family, my good energy.

"I will stay here as I like to but always looking after myself first. Everything will be fine. You thought I wouldn’t come back but I returned slowly, softly, calmly and with peace in my heart."

It also seems that her stay in hospital left her with plenty of time to reflect on the world around her, as she implored her fellow citizens to treat one another with kindness and fairness.

"I also returned with a thought in the form of a message - why judge the colour of one’s skin, the clothes or shoes people use or the way they look.

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"We are nothing when it comes to life, we are simple, pedestrians in this world. Life is a lesson and we just have to value it and be thankful for everything. And have faith in God that everything will turn out okay."

Ronaldo, meanwhile, remains in Portugal in a period of isolation after it emerged that his Juventus teammate Daniele Rugani had tested positive for COVID-19. All football is currently suspended in Italy, which has now counted more than 4,000 deaths caused by the deadly virus.