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6 Feb, 2020 10:08

Russian champion gymnast Alexandra Soldatova rejects reports she was hospitalized after 'suicide attempt' (VIDEO)

Russian champion gymnast Alexandra Soldatova rejects reports she was hospitalized after 'suicide attempt' (VIDEO)

Russian four-time world champion rhythmic gymnast Alexandra Soldatova has released a video in which she rejects claims she was hospitalized in Moscow after an alleged suicide attempt.

Editorial note: RT amended this article after Alexandra Soldatova released a video on her coach's Instagram page in which she denied any suicide attempt. Soldatova insisted she was hospitalized because of cuts during an accident making breakfast. RT has made changes to the copy in accordance with the video.

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Reports surfaced on Thursday that the 21-year-old was taken to a hospital a day earlier with multiple deep cuts on her left arm which led to severe blood loss.

“The 21-year-old Soldatova was taken to a Moscow hospital on February 5th with bodily injuries resulting from a suicide attempt,” Moscow news agency reported citing their sources in the hospital.


However, Soldatova later released a video on the Instagram page of her coach Anna Dyachenko in which she explained the injuries as having occurred during an accident while cooking breakfast at training.

"I would like to ask everyone to please stop worrying about me. I’m absolutely fine. This is just one thing that confirms what people say that the media writes horror stories and half truths," Soldatova said in a two-part video entitled 'No words. Never believe the press!' by Dyachenko.

“Honestly, I just have no words. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at them writing such rubbish, sorry, without a single proven fact. 

“Yesterday I went to training. I made myself breakfast in the morning and cut myself. It happens, it happens to everyone. Knives are sharp. I’m a gymnast - I’ve not spent much time in the kitchen!

“I was on my way to training and I thought it’s better to plaster it as soon as possible and have it worked on professionally, and not treat it myself. I went to the hospital, warned my trainer that I’d be late, and that’s where the story ends.

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“And here they’re writing such nightmarish things such as that I cut myself and all sorts of horrors. I have no words. I’m absolutely fine, I’m alive and well...Everything is fine and now I’m going to go to training.”

Soldatova is one of Russia's most prominent gymnasts, having become a four-time world champion in two different disciplines and having also won gold and two silvers at the 2019 European championships in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Before the video was released, Dyachenko had told the presss that she had indeed received a call from Soldatova informing her she was receiving treatment in hospital, but rejecting news of a suicide attempt.