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No love lost: Female tennis players BRAWL on the court over harsh post-match handshake (VIDEO)

No love lost: Female tennis players BRAWL on the court over harsh post-match handshake (VIDEO)
A tennis match between US player Alycia Parks and her Canadian opponent Katherine Sebov went far beyond friendly rivalry when the athletes became embroiled in a serious confrontation after the post-match handshake.

Parks, who lost her match at the Henderson Open in Las Vegas, unexpectedly attacked her rival after both players shook hands to mark the end of the match which ended in favor of Sebov 6-0, 7-6.

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The visibly-upset Parks threw away her racket before approaching the net where the Canadian winner was waiting for her.

However the friendly post-match tradition descended into violent scenes as Parks striking her rival who, she said, had: “squeezed my hand very hard.

The confrontation, which could have snowballed into a serious physical brawl, was stopped by the chair empire, who quickly calmed down the hot-tempered competitors.

Parks’ father also decided to interfere as he was seen jumping over the advertising boards and rushing to the court as well.

She (Sebov) squeezed my hand very hard,” Parks said as she explained the quarrel that suddenly unfolded on the court.

It is unknown what sanctions will be imposed on the players as the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has opened an investigation into the controversial incident.

Twenty-year-old Sebov advanced to the quarterfinals of the tournament where she will face Olga Govortsova of Belarus.

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