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25 Oct, 2019 15:47

‘Can’t a woman show a nice, muscular bottom?’ Italian fitness club owner denies its body-praising banner is sexist

‘Can’t a woman show a nice, muscular bottom?’ Italian fitness club owner denies its body-praising banner is sexist

The operators of Italian fitness club Olympia have become embroiled in a sexism row, after displaying a woman’s bottom on an advertising banner. The club insists it sees nothing offensive in promoting muscular bodies.

The Olympia club in Verona had produced an unusual banner, promising potential clients that they would form a perfect figure through its training sessions.

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To illustrate their enticing offer, the club’s promoters printed a picture of a woman’s firm buttocks alongside a slogan which read: “We will make your backside look like this.

The advertising campaign had a bombshell effect across the region, with some citizens accusing the club of using a woman’s body to sell their services.

But the gym owners were quite happy with the results from their bikini and butt ad, saying that it had helped attract much public attention.

It was a nice publicity stunt. In our opinion there is nothing sexist,” said one female Olympia employee.

It's just a beautiful backside that doesn’t offend anyone. After all, all you have to do is open any magazine to see that there are also many boys with bare chests.

“Can't a woman show a nice muscular bottom? It is not offensive. In any case, we adapt to the standards that are seen on television. I don’t feel uncomfortable at all as a woman.”