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17 Oct, 2019 17:54

‘Thanks for taking her away’: Football ace Maxi Lopez expresses gratitude to rival Mauro Icardi for his divorce with ex-wife

‘Thanks for taking her away’: Football ace Maxi Lopez expresses gratitude to rival Mauro Icardi for his divorce with ex-wife

Argentinian football ace Maxi Lopez has said he has managed to forgive former teammate Mauro Icardi for being the reason for his divorce with model Wanda Nara, and thanked the striker for “taking away” his ex-wife.

Lopez and Icardi became friends when they played for Italian club Sampdoria in 2012.

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The teammates spent a lot of time together and were constantly going on vacations, and Nara was an inseparable part of the trio.

The seemingly idyllic family life of Lopez and Nara suddenly broke down when rumours of the model’s romantic affair with Icardi began surfacing.

She denied all allegations and accused the media of spreading fake news, but despite her attempts to convince the public of her marital fidelity, the couple split up in 2013.

Nara subsequently married Icardi, just five months after her divorce. Her three children from her marriage with Lopez now live with her and her new husband Icardi.

There are no more problems with Mauro Icardi, I just want to seek happiness and give it to my children,” Lopez said in an interview with Argentine radio station Club. “The rest does not matter to me anymore, it is a page in my life that I turned a long time ago and it does not stress me out at all.”

He went on to speak about his relationship with his ex-wife, stressing that he doesn’t have any issues with his former teammate and is even thankful to Icardi for taking Nara.

I don’t just forgive Mauro, I thank him for taking W away…” he said in a comment on Instagram.

Nara has three sons from her previous relationship, and two daughters with the Argentine striker Icardi.