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‘Hockey isn’t about winning, it’s about having fun’: Young NHL fan delivers best hockey interview of the year (VIDEO)

‘Hockey isn’t about winning, it’s about having fun’: Young NHL fan delivers best hockey interview of the year (VIDEO)
A young Alex Ovechkin fan gave a post-game interview to remember at a recent Washington Capitals NHL game as he treated the fans to a motivational speech, as well as info about his pet tarantula!

One of the regular sights seen on NHL rinks across America is the league’s Mites On Ice scheme, which gives young hockey fans the chance to get down onto the ice in the arena and emulate their sporting heroes by playing a mini-game between periods at NHL matches.

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And on Wednesday night in Washington, young Capitals fan Jackson Friedlander stole the show with two goals during the on-ice scrimmage, then surpassed himself and won the hearts of the fans in the stands with a brilliant post-game interview.

During his interview, which was shown on the big screen in the arena, young Jackson gave an interview that most NHL players could only aspire to, as he thanked his parents and his teammates before saying: “Please, God bless everybody!”

The young fan explained how it felt to be out there on the Capitals’ home ice, the young fan said: “All I wanted was to have some speed and have fun.

“Always remember, hockey isn’t about winning, it’s about having fun.”

He also revealed that Russian ace Ovechkin was his favorite Caps player, but quickly moved on to share some pressing info about his pet tarantula who, it seems, has a big appetite.

He also explained: “I’m kinda shy, but mostly excited...and courageous.”

We reckon it could be the best hockey interview of the year.

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