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Flare nightmare: Brazilian football fan loses hand while attempting to light pyro (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Flare nightmare: Brazilian football fan loses hand while attempting to light pyro (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
An attempt to light up a football flare turned out to be a nightmare for a Brazilian fan, who lost his hand in a terrifying incident after the explosive device unexpectedly blew up prematurely.

The Athletico Paranaense supporter, identified as Wesley Pontes, was left in a state of shock after he saw his bloody hand hanging loosely following the catastrophic explosion.

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The accident occurred at Afonso Pena Airport in Sao Jose Dos when dozens of fans gathered to greet their team ahead of the 2019 Copa do Brasil final second-leg against Internacional.

But before the team bus arrived at the scene, a loud noise was heard and Pontes could be seen holding his injured arm.


The man, visibly distressed by the incident, was looking around before a policeman approached him and helped stop the bleeding until an ambulance arrived.


The first impression I got was that it was a bomb because of the noise it made,” said Juliano Lorenz Oscar, journalist and supporter of Athletico-PR who witnessed the incident.


Pontes was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors were reportedly forced to amputate what remained of his left hand.

Athletico Paranaense who had won their home game 1-0, went on to win their away game 2-1 to become Copa do Brasil champions.