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Snapchat sex scandal: Aussie athlete accused of sending genital pictures to underage teammates

Snapchat sex scandal: Aussie athlete accused of sending genital pictures to underage teammates
Australian sport, still recovering from a doping row in swimming and a huge ball-tampering scandal in cricket, faces more problems after an athlete allegedly sent images of genitalia to underage girls via Snapchat.

Parents of several underage girls contacted police claiming that a winter sports athlete, whose name has not been revealed, sent explicit photos to their daughters, some of whom were just 13.

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One girl claimed to have received not only indecent pictures, but also a video of a man “helicoptering” his genitalia.

The athlete, said to be in his early 20s, has denied all allegations insisting that the pictures were sent to adult teammates with their consent. Under Australian federal law sending images with sexual content to people under 16 is illegal and could result in up to seven years in prison.

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The parents alleged that, despite one girl voicing complaints to her coach, the athlete in question is still funded and promoted by Ski & Snowboard Australia.Some of the girls involved were reportedly so distressed and humiliated that they decided to retire in wake of the scandal.

The chief executive of Ski & Snowboard Australia, Michael Kennedy, said he was aware of the case and immediately alerted the police, but was told he could do nothing unless one of the parents makes an official complaint.

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The athlete involved has acknowled­ged his actions and is remorseful, but claims all texts were between consenting adults,” he said.“He continues as an SSA athlete and has not been associated with any fresh allegations of in­appropriate behaviour.’’