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5 Aug, 2019 13:50

‘Not my nipples!’ New Zealand sports reporter on bizarre wardrobe malfunction

‘Not my nipples!’ New Zealand sports reporter on bizarre wardrobe malfunction

New Zealand TV presenter and sports reporter Toni Street commented on an awkward wardrobe malfunction she suffered during a live TV show, saying that what viewers saw on screen was not actually “her nipples.”

The 35-year-old was widely discussed over the weekend after an unfortunate mishap during Friday’s Seven Sharp show made its ratings skyrocket.

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The perfectly dressed reporter didn’t expect that her pink top would move slightly down creating the impression that she has very big nipples.

Appearing on the Laura, Sam & Toni radio show on Monday, Street explained what happened.

“I’m very aware of what it looked like on," the reporter said. “I put on an outfit with my dear stylist and it looked fantastic standing up.”

But when you sat down there were two darts underneath my breast area that ended up looking like big old saggy nips.”

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Street, who received hundreds of comments online regarding the “breast incident,” joked that she likes when her “boobs get talked about,” adding that the giant nipples displayed during the show were just a wardrobe malfunction.

It looks like I had giant breasts with these giant nipples and I feel like I have to clear up that they were not my nipples!