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6yo 'Chechen Swarzenegger' sets 2 push-up 'world records' totaling 9,000 reps (VIDEO)

6yo 'Chechen Swarzenegger' sets 2 push-up 'world records' totaling 9,000 reps (VIDEO)
Six-year-old Rahim Kuriev, dubbed ‘Chechen Schwarenegger’, has reportedly set two push-ups ‘world records’ totaling nearly 9,000 reps on TV in the North Caucasus region, and has been praised by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

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Pint-sized push-up artist Rahim appeared on a Chechen state television channel where he completed a staggering 4,183 reps to record the 'Highest Number of Push-ups in Two Hours', which is a world record - for a six-year-old.

As if that wasn’t enough, the muscle-bound youngster then rattled off another 4,618 reps to set the world record for a six-year-old for the ‘Highest Number of Continuous Push-ups’, accomplished under the watchful eye of Russian Book of Records Chief Editor, Stanislav Konenko, who presented Rahim with two 'world record' certificates.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov was quick to wax-lyrical about the brawny boy: “Our youngster Rahim Kuriev has set two new world records!" he joyously posted on Instagram.

“He now holds under his belt the world record for dips, the world record for 3,000 press-ups in the 5-years-old age category, and a whole range of other impressive achievements.

“I am certain that he will continue to bring us joy with his records. Rahim has enough energy for this and has no plans to slow down! Keep it up!” Kadyrov added.

Rahim bested the record of Ingush 6-year-old Ibrahim Lyanov, who completed 3,720 push-ups in two hours in June, winning an apartment for his family in the process.

Kadyrov is one of Rahim’s many fans in Russia's Republic of Chechnya, where the tiny fitness fanatic has garnered celebrity status, gaining 12,000 Instagram followers along the way.

Rahim regularly posts clips of himself on his social media page participating in wrestling, boxing sparring sessions, martial arts and of course weight training.

In November 2018, Kadyrov presented the lad, then aged 5, with a white Mercedes-Benz C-Class as a reward for setting a ‘world record’ 4,105 push-ups in 2 hours and 25 minutes. 

However, this was only confirmed by the republic’s sports minister, and was disputed by the Russian Book of Records, who reportedly said there were some "minor problems" in recording the accomplishment.

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