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3 Feb, 2019 15:43

‘Tell Gary Lineker to f*** off!’ Cardiff boss Warnock lays into BBC pundit after Brexit jibe

‘Tell Gary Lineker to f*** off!’ Cardiff boss Warnock lays into BBC pundit after Brexit jibe

Cardiff City boss Neil Warnock had some choice words for BBC football pundit Gary Lineker on Saturday, saying the Match of the Day host could “f*** off” without realizing that the cameras were recording at a post-match interview.

Warnock, 70, is well known as one of the game’s no-nonsense straight talkers, and showed that again after Cardiff beat Bournemouth 2-0 in the Premier League on Saturday.

In the interview area after the game the veteran boss was preparing to take questions from the BBC, and was heard telling the man with the microphone: “Match of the Day? Tell Gary Lineker to f*** off."

The comments were picked up and shared by a social media user who says he was watching on Canadian TV.

Warnock’s ire towards Lineker stems from comments the former England striker made about the Cardiff boss, when the latter spoke out in support of Brexit back in January.

“I can’t wait to get out of it [the EU], if I’m honest. I think we’ll be far better out of the bloody thing. In every aspect. Football-wise as well, absolutely. To hell with the rest of the world,” 

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Lineker, who is a staunch supporter of remaining in the EU, had picked up on the comments and shared them to his 7 million Twitter followers, writing: “Oh Colin,” together with a facepalm emoji.      


Warnock has carried the nickname ‘Colin’ with him during his career, which comes from his name being an anagram of ‘Colin W*****.’

He noted the insult in his comments on Saturday, adding to the interviewer: “Have you got that on camera? It's alright... He called me Colin. 

“Can I say Colin here. You don't know why Colin, do you?”

Warnock guided Cardiff to an emotional victory on Saturday, in what was their first game at home since new signing Emiliano Sala disappeared while traveling on a plane over the English channel.

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Tributes were paid to Sala throughout the game, and Warnock appeared emotional while saluting the crowd at the final whistle.