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16 Jan, 2019 18:31

MMA fighter destroys bank branch in Moscow, walks out to be arrested (VIDEO)

MMA fighter destroys bank branch in Moscow, walks out to be arrested (VIDEO)

MMA athletes are not only known for being some of the most feared fighters among the variety of the martial artists, but sometimes, they can be dangerous for the society, or like in this case even for their environment.

In the latest episode of 'MMA fighter does crazy stuff,' we have an incident that happened in the beginning of January in Moscow, the footage of which has been released just now. In the first clip we can see a man, who has been identified in Russian media as MMA fighter Dzhabrail Duzaev, kicking out the door of a bank branch office and walking away.

He did not get very far, however, as two police officers waiting outside quickly neutralized the hooligan, who did not appear to be in his right mind.

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The second video, which was also published recently, shows the interior of the bank branch after being demolished by Duzaev. ATMs, walls and glass doors did not stand a chance against the raging fighter. Probably only the ceiling and the floor remained more or less unharmed.

It's unclear at this point if Duzaev used only his bare hands or a baseball bat, as some Russian outlets have reported.

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Duzaev's professional career contained only three fights, two of which ended in defeat. According to his Instagram, he was looking for a comeback, while posting videos of his amateur-level victories. At this moment it's unclear when he will be able to get back into professional sports, if at all.