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7 Jan, 2019 17:39

Japanese kickboxer Nasukawa willing to face McGregor after callout – but names the conditions

Japanese kickboxer Nasukawa willing to face McGregor after callout – but names the conditions

Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa has responded to a callout by Irish UFC megastar Conor McGregor, who declared in a social media post he wanted to face the youngster in an MMA exhibition fight.

McGregor took to social media to ask organizers to set up a fight with Nasukawa, 20, apparently keen on a lucrative payday similar to the one enjoyed by boxer Floyd Mayweather when he destroyed the Japanese fighter in two minutes in a New Year’s Eve exhibition boxing bout that netted him a reported $9 million.

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Nasukawa has heeded McGregor’s call, responding on social media by saying that he would be willing to make it happen – with some caveats.

Firstly thanking McGregor for remembering his name – after the MMA star had previously referred to him as 'Jackie Chan' – the kickboxing ace added:

“I’m honored that you would even consider fighting me. 58kg, kickboxing rules would probably get us in the ring sometime in the near future.”

Although McGregor crossed into different fighting territory when he took on Mayweather in a megamoney boxing match in 2017, stepping into a kickboxing bout against Nasukawa, who is undefeated in the sport, may be a step too far even for the unfailingly confident Irishman - and that's assuming his initial callout was serious. 

But then again, with Conor McGregor, who knows...