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30 May, 2018 11:53

‘Draft-dodging racist’: Jim Carrey slams NFL for ‘siding’ with Trump

‘Draft-dodging racist’: Jim Carrey slams NFL for ‘siding’ with Trump

Hollywood star Jim Carrey has hit out at the NFL and accused it of siding with US President Donald Trump over the issue of national anthem protests.

Carrey took exception to the NFL’s recent decision to fine any teams whose players protest on the field during the anthem, seeing it as caving in to criticism from Trump.

In a scathing tweet on Tuesday, he called on companies to sever ties with the league and posted a picture of Trump standing at an NFL-branded lectern in front of a backdrop of sponsor logos.    

The league announced last week that it would fine teams if players protested during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, but would allow players to remain in the locker rooms if they wished.

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Some have seen the step as caving in to consistent criticism from Trump over the anthem protests, which were initiated by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in 2016, over perceived racial injustice in the US.

Canadian-born Carrey has 18.5 million followers on Twitter, and frequently takes to the social media platform to share his graphic artworks on political and social themes.

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On Sunday he issued a picture slamming Trump’s immigration policy, while he has also called out the NFL in the past for failing to act over players’ safety.  His latest anti-Trump image garnered 39,000 ‘likes’ and was retweeted 11,000 times.