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24 Aug, 2019 19:31

Trump is bad: Taylor Swift has a 'brave' 'political awakening'

Trump is bad: Taylor Swift has a 'brave' 'political awakening'

Pop star Taylor Swift has bravely spoken up about her political views, saying US President Donald Trump “thinks this is an autocracy,” and thus choosing the safest political opinion she could possibly have: Orange Man Bad.

Once chided by the left for keeping her political leanings on the QT, Tay Tay shared the details of her “political awakening” in an exclusive interview with The Guardian on Friday. Unsurprisingly, President Trump was the inspiration for her change of heart.

Apologizing for not endorsing Hillary Clinton in 2016, the singer-songwriter described the atmosphere in Trump’s America as “gaslighting the American public into being like, ‘if you hate the president, you hate America.’”

“We’re a democracy – at least, we’re supposed to be – where you’re allowed to disagree, dissent, debate,” she continued. “I really think that [Trump] thinks this is an autocracy.”

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A woke take from Taylor, and one that would leave her liable for a visit from the jackbooted, MAGA hat-wearing secret police, were Trump a brutal autocrat. But he’s not. Since being elected democratically in 2016, Trump’s supposed autocratic ambitions have been blocked and stymied at every turn.

campaign by multiple intelligence agencies to keep him out of the White House was followed by Robert Mueller’s ‘Russiagate’ investigation – a probe that the ‘Hitlerian’ president ALLOWED to take place. Congress has blocked funding for Trump’s border wall, launched further investigations into “Russian collusion” and issued resolutions condemning the president as a big racist meanie. Damn near every one of Trump’s executive orders have been fought up through the courts, and the president was even ordered by a federal judge last year not to block the neverending stream of sneering critics jamming up his Twitter feed.

If Trump is an autocrat, he’s the world’s most useless dictator.

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Furthermore, disagreement, dissent, and debate are alive and well in Trump’s America. Taylor Swift and her entertainment industry chums aren’t sneaking from basement to basement, dodging Gestapo patrols to print left-wing pamphlets. They’re screaming abuse on Twitter, mock-assassinating Trump in music videos, and telling pussy-hatted protesters that they fantasize about “blowing up the White House.”

Trump’s opponents have the backing of the liberal press, cable TV networks, late-night comedians and Silicon Valley tech giants. Ironically, it’s the right wing and not the left that regularly finds itself banned from platforms like Facebook and YouTube for political wrongthink. For all of their dissent and debate, those on the left are almost always the first to cry foul and demand these companies “deplatform” and “cancel” the free speech of people they don’t like.

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Imagine Taylor Swift had come out in support of Trump? She would have been crucified by her liberal peers and flayed alive in the media. Kanye West was a respected, if eccentric, artist until he donned his MAGA hat and tweeted his support for the president. After that he was “mentally ill,” “illiterate,” a “boot licker” and, in the words of washed up rapper Snoop Dogg, an “Uncle Tom-Ass n**ga.” 

Taylor Swift’s “political awakening” has led her to literally the safest position possible to have in America, and one she could have picked up in her sleep. It carries the nuance and political weight of a Che Guevara poster hung in a college dorm, but will likely appeal to an audience already fed a nonstop diet of “Orange Man Bad” from every single pop culture outlet in the country. Slay Kween, so brave.

By Graham Dockery

Graham Dockery is a journalist based in Ireland. 

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.