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10 Dec, 2018 10:59

WikiLeaks skewers Guardian writer for zany theory that RT is, wait for it... reporting news

WikiLeaks skewers Guardian writer for zany theory that RT is, wait for it... reporting news

A Guardian writer failed to impress WikiLeaks after furnishing damning evidence that RT has run stories on Julian Assange, Nigel Farage, and even Russia’s special forces. Do you know what this means? Neither do we.

After decrying a short RT video about Russia’s special forces, Carole Cadwalladr shared a major revelation with her 220,000 Twitter followers on Sunday: RT covers news stories and current events.

“You know who else RT boosts? Julian Assange & Seamus Milne. But given the reaction yesterday I thought I’d put that in a separate tweet. I’m somehow to blame for pointing out facts. Huge apologies but Milne’s support for Putin has made him a Russian propaganda tool,” she wrote, misspelling the name of fellow Guardian contributor and communications director for Jeremy Corbyn, Seumas Milne.

The evidence is overwhelming – RT devotes air time to (sorry, “boosts”) important and newsworthy public figures. Who could question Cadwalladr’s Olympic sleuth skills?

“It’s much worse [than] that. RT is also boosting volcanoes, perhaps trying to lure them to London. It also seems the BBC is also boosting Assange. The enemy within?” WikiLeaks tweeted back at her, including photographic evidence to support its incendiary claim.

Cadwalladr countered by citing an article which claims that RT’s volcano coverage is part of the network’s top secret formula for rigging YouTube’s algorithm.

Again, WikiLeaks expressed completely unwarranted skepticism.

“It’s more insidious than that. BBC is using volcanoes, leopards, and sitcoms to funnel people into war boosting news segments while the Guardian is using brown olives & feminism to push people into ads for MBS, HSBC and Locheed Martin. Did you just discover how the media works?”

Cadwalladr, as you may recall, solidified her position as a prominent thought leader after previously suggesting that the UK was now at “war” with Russia. The reason? Russia’s Foreign Ministry changed its Twitter profile picture to a photograph of Maria Butina, the Russian gun activist who has been jailed in the US for “acting as an unregistered agent.”

As for her objections to RT giving a shout-out to Russia’s special forces, one might ask if she has any objections to pieces about the UK’s elite forces “boosted” by her own newspaper. In October 2016, the Guardian published a daring investigation entitled: “Can I handle SAS training?”

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