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Royal charity in Crimea, final teaser as #Romanovs100 brings century-old photos to life (VIDEO)

Royal charity in Crimea, final teaser as #Romanovs100 brings century-old photos to life (VIDEO)
In a series of photo re-enactment videos, #Romanovs100 has re-created a charity event that the Romanov family hosted in Crimea to support the TB sanatoria in 1912.

It was important for the Empress to raise her children with charitable awareness. So, during their visit to Crimea in 1912, they took part in two charitable events with their mother: White Flower Day and the annual bazaar. White Flower Day was a regular event for the Anti-Tuberculosis League.

Holding staffs of flowers, the Romanov children walked through the city of Yalta receiving donations and handing out flowers in return. The Grand Charity Bazaar was held for the benefit of the TB sanatoria. This was a chance for the public to get a glimpse of the royal family or even to buy something embroidered or sewn personally by the Grand Duchesses or the Empress.

It was possible for the family to lead a more relaxed lifestyle when they were based in their Crimean resort palace of Livadia. None of this would have been possible in the capital, St. Petersburg.

Their resort palace of Livadia was a true safe-haven for the whole family. It was where “we live,” as one of the Tsar’s daughters put it, whereas “in St. Petersburg, we work.” Earlier, #Romanovs100 published a video of the family during a picnic in the area.

The series opened in early spring with a film that the #Romanovs100 crew made about how Nicholas II revived a tradition of building a snow fort in Peterhof. Luckily for the team, 2018 was a snowy winter in Moscow – so there was plenty of material to work with. All trailers were shot with 8mm and 16mm film by the RT team to create an authentic feel.

#Romanovs100 is a digital, behind-the-scenes photo essay released via four social media platforms about the Romanov family’s daily life. The most photographed royals of their time, they left a vast archive of personal images, shining a light on how one of the most powerful families in the world spent their time when out of the limelight.

The project’s 100-day-long social media phase is coming to a halt on July 17th, marking 100 years since the family’s execution by the Bolsheviks. The team promises that there are more plans in the pipeline, with an OST to be released in autumn 2018, just one of them.