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13 Apr, 2018 13:17

#Romanovs100 video premiere kickstarts dazzling re-enactment series (VIDEO)

A historical re-enactment of Nicholas II and his family building a snow tower hit the web as part of RT’s #Romanovs100 project dedicated to Russia’s last reigning royals.

For 100 days #Romanovs100 will release rare photographs from the family’s private albums, many of them taken by themselves. RT will re-create the frozen-in-time events captured by some of these images in a series of videos.

The first scene brought to life is from 1916 when Nicholas II and his family built a gigantic snow tower in Tsarskoye Selo, their winter residence some 25km from St Petersburg.

This was shot with eight and 16mm film by the RT team to create an authentic feel. Fortunately, Moscow saw a lot of snow this year – enough for the crew to build a 15-meter-tall (49ft) tower for the shoot.

Every winter Nicholas II – with the help of the Imperial Naval Guards – built a snow tower on a frozen pond at home in Tsarskoye Selo – a tradition brought to the royal estate from his childhood. These towers could stand until March, according to the Tsar’s diaries.

The one RT built is already gone, but the #Romanovs100 video is here to stay. Tune in for more releases in this series by following the hashtag #Romanovs100 on four social platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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