Bird brain: Bizarre 'mutant' fish with 'pigeon’s head' caught in China (VIDEO)

Bird brain: Bizarre 'mutant' fish with 'pigeon’s head' caught in China (VIDEO)
Images of a bizarre fish sporting, what looks to be, the head of a pigeon is raising eyebrows online after it was caught in China.

Reeled in by a fisherman near the Chinese city of Guiyang, the creepy looking sea creature looks like a cross between a tuna and a city pigeon.Footage of the mutant fish has appeared online, providing internet denizens with a chance to gawk at the unusual freak with fins.

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However, the, so-called, pigeon head fish could have a scientific reason for its deformed looking appearance. According to a Chinese marine expert, the poor creature may have been deprived oxygen, Sina reports.

The bizarre fish is believed to be a oddly shaped grass carp, with Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences expert Yang Xing explaining that the species are known to undergo gene mutations.

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“This phenomenon has been observed during the growth of fish. One of the causes is the damage of fish eggs during embryonic development; the second is a lack of oxygen causes the head to become deformed. It is a grass carp… but it looks a little weird,” Xing said.

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