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17 May, 2018 17:31

Swarms of mosquitoes terrorize people & kill animals in southwest Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Swarms of mosquitoes terrorize people & kill animals in southwest Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Hordes of mosquitoes are laying siege to Russia’s Voronezh region with many people too scared to go outside amid reports of domestic animal deaths. Authorities are struggling to stop the bloodsucking insects as numbers grow.

Hot weather and record-breaking floods have created ideal conditions for mosquitoes, helping to multiply their population to overwhelming numbers. The insect invasion has affected at least six areas in the Voronezh region.

People are suffering from itchy bites and swelling and say that it’s “impossible” to leave their homes. Children are refusing to go to school as they are immediately “eaten alive” by the insects. Even at home people find scant refuge, as the tiny menaces manage to crawl through any crack they can find. Outside is far worse, as roads cannot even be seen through mosquito hordes, according to local media.

Insect creams and repellents are now the most popular items sold in shops, while many have taken to creating customized street clothes and veils out of mosquito nets. There have been reports of puppies, pigs and birds being killed due to respiratory issues caused by the insects.

However, local ecology department chief says that the animals are unlikely to have died because of the insects. Desperate residents took to social media, sharing pictures and videos that look more like a horror movie.

“I have never seen so many mosquitoes! I'm afraid to leave the car,” one commenter said. Complaints about the influx of insects started in the beginning of May, but local authorities are unable to ease people’s suffering, local media reported, citing local officials.

Public places have been sprayed with repellents, but it takes the bloodsucking invaders only hours to come back. Contamination risks prevent authorities from using the anti-mosquito chemicals over lakes, ponds and rivers – the places where the insects lay their eggs.

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