Moscow martial arts school launches classes in self-defense with... selfie-sticks

© Kai Pfaffenbach
While cultural institutions are banning selfie-sticks for being a danger to works of art, a sports center has found a new use for the gadget. They say it can be used as a form of self-defense from would-be attackers, rather than to accidentally destroy masterpieces.

Martial arts center in the Russian capital is launching combat classes with selfie-sticks, the Moscow-based M24 television channel reports. The center will first have an open lesson with the gadget, after which special courses will be conducted to train all selfie-ninja-wannabes.

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We found out that a new trend in self-defense is taking place around the world. It is currently called ‘MPD-Fight,' short for ‘monopod fight,’” a representative from the Moscow sports center, Daria Lapshina told M24.

Those who prove they are able to master the selfie-stick, will be able to defend themselves against would-be attackers, even if they are boxing or mixed martial arts experts.

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The classes were launched following requests from amateur sportsmen and women who like to travel. The organizers say the techniques will come in handy for all tourists.

Tourists can unfortunately be robbed and attacked in many countries. Now they can use their selfie-stick as a form of self-defense,” Lapshina concluded.

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