Thousands march in Honduras to oppose govt reluctance for social change (VIDEO)

Thousands march in Honduras to oppose govt reluctance for social change (VIDEO)
A massive torch-lit demonstration has flooded the streets of the Honduran capital. The people are expressing their discontent with current government policies that ignore corruption and crime.

Thousands of people took to the streets of Tegucigalpa on Friday evening, protesting against US interference and calling for the resignation of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez. Regular rallies have been staged in the Honduran capital for the past two months, triggered by the country's recent fraud scandals.

“The marches are conclusive and this only reflects the discomfort of the Honduran people's indignation against the corruption, impunity of organised crime, and violence and lack of independence of the branches of this government," protester Wilmer Vasquez told RT’s video agency RUPTLY.

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One of the major points of the movement was the introduction of a “commission against impunity”. It could be a body similar to Guatemala's International Commission Against Impunity (CICI), created with the help of the UN, which has been tasked to investigate crimes linked to the security forces and governmental institutions, as well as to fight organized crime.

"There is no doubt that the United States is part of maintaining the status quo and is involved in trying to stop these processes of social change, because they have been sponsoring for decades the rings of power they have under the Honduran people," protester Torchs Leonidas Avila said.

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Last Wednesday, the ousted former Honduran president and head of the opposition Libre Party Manuel Zelaya proposed a national referendum for the people to vote on establishing a CICIH (Honduran Commission Against Impunity), a UN body for fraud investigations in the country.

Earlier in July, a UN delegation traveled to the country to look at and consider the calls for the creation of a Honduran CICI. It was accompanied by a delegation from the United States Department of State, who also expressed their support for the fight against corruption.

In 2014, after a major increase in the number of child migrants from Latin America fleeing to the US in search of a better life, President Obama's administration proposed a $1-billion Alliance for Prosperity plan for three neighboring countries – Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. However, the opposition says that instead of reducing violence and helping build infrastructure, the financial aid won’t put an end to the current social crisis.