Yorkshire trucker finds true love... after texting number scrawled on toilet wall

© Yuya Shino
A truck driver looking for love found it in a rather unexpected place after texting a phone number he found scrawled on a toilet wall at his local pub.

The number had been written by the vengeful ex-boyfriend of legal secretary Donna Roberts in the most unflattering manner, reading: “If you want a good sh*g call Donna on…”

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On a whim, 51-year-old Mark Ellis from Yorkshire decided to text the random number, writing: “Hi. What are you up to?”

The pair struck up a conversation, according to the Sun, and met days later, leading to a serious relationship.

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Roberts, who now has two children, said she is grateful for her ex-partner’s immature act.

“I should thank my ex - he did me a favor,” she told the paper.