Red-faced romantic plucked from cliff-face after major marriage proposal fail (VIDEO)

Red-faced romantic plucked from cliff-face after major marriage proposal fail (VIDEO)
A Californian man will have to shell out for a wedding and a daring helicopter rescue, after a picturesque marriage proposal led to him becoming trapped on the side of large cliff-face.

The hopeless romantic, who had just finished successfully proposing to his girlfriend over video Facetime, was left clinging on for dear life on a rocky outcrop in Morro Bay.

Named as Michael John Paul Banks by The Tribune in San Luis, the 27 year old reportedly got into trouble after attempting a shortcut down the face of the 581-ft Morro Rock.

Climbing the protected Pacific Ocean crag is illegal, but it seems the prospect of impressing his partner was too tempting.

Units from the local fire department and a California Highway Patrol helicopter were dispatched Thursday to rescue Banks, as he tried desperately not to make the happiest day of his life also his last.

Video of the embarrassing incident has been released online by the City of Morro Bay. It shows the red-faced lover hanging precariously over a near-vertical drop as a helicopter flies dangerously close to the rock.  

Dressed in what appears to be a wetsuit, the man is then winched to safety by emergency personnel.

Authorities say the “gentleman will be billed for the chopper ride and other related costs” because “saving you is expensive”. Ouch.

At least the happy couple has quite the proposal story to tell their children.

Hoist Rescue - Coastal Division

This video shows a hoist rescue by our Coastal Division Air Unit in Paso Robles near Morro Rock. Yet another example of our goals to protect life, serve the public, and provide assistance to allied agencies.

Posted by CHP - Air Operations on Friday, 8 April 2016