Extreme learning conditions: Waterfall crashes into college classroom (VIDEO)

Extreme learning conditions: Waterfall crashes into college classroom (VIDEO)
A crazy video showing a massive flood hit a classroom in Seoul, South Korea has to be seen to be believed.

The video, posted to World Star Hip Hop on Friday, starts by showing a classroom in South Korea's Yonsei Collegewith what appears to be a stream of water coming out of a security camera in the corner.

After a quick pan around to show students packing up their books, the camera returns to the corner, where water can now be seen pouring down the wall.

As the students pack up with increasing urgency, the water starts to leak from the lights in the ceiling.

Seconds later, the indoor rainfall starts to get a little monsoon-like, the floor quickly turning to a lake as one student grabs his belongings with increasing panic.

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A turned over chair and a random abandoned shoe gives the scene a very cinematic, disaster-movie feel.
Then the ceiling gives way, unleashing a tidal wave of water that gushes all over the desks.

Bizarrely, the risk of electrocution doesn’t appear to bother the diligent student, who makes one last rescue mission to grab some books.