Look out below! Snake tumbles from ceiling at Mississippi elementary class

Look out below! Snake tumbles from ceiling at Mississippi elementary class
A slithering surprise literally dropped in near a desk of an unsuspecting teacher at a Mississippi elementary classroom. The school in the town of Walls is combating the snake problem as farm work reportedly forces reptiles to flee the fields.

The snakes have found refuge at Walls Elementary School. As one witness anonymously told local news station WMC, one of the snakes had fallen from the ceiling right next to a teacher's desk.

The reason why the school is getting so much of the reptiles’ attention is that the campus is located in a field.

"They're plowing this time of year and it makes the snakes and frogs and everything else move out of the area," John Thompson, a grandfather of one of the little students, told the channel.

While other parents are alarmed by the snakes’ presence, Thompson said he is rather surprised by the fact that one of the reptiles actually slithered up into the ceiling tiles.

"I don't understand how it could have got up in the ceiling. It may have crawled into the duct work or something," he said.

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School district officials, though, do not seem all that concerned. As DeSoto County Schools has said, the snake was not venomous, and only one case was reported. The Memphis Zoo also said the snake was a harmless gray rat snake.

The school system reportedly sprayed snake repellent, but parents say those actions do not work.

"We can't stop nature, but we can take combative actions," DeSoto County Schools communications director Katherine Nelson said.