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Awesome attack: Jaw-dropping footage shows how fast snakes strike (VIDEO)

Awesome attack: Jaw-dropping footage shows how fast snakes strike (VIDEO)
Just in case you were beginning to feel comfortable with your docile little house snake, this video is a friendly reminder that your scaly housemate can move faster than lightening.

The footage starts fairly innocuously, with a fly crawling slowly across the snake’s cage, possibly attracted to the dead rodent lying prone alongside the reptile.

The person filming the snake takes a moment to swat the fly and flick it away.

The calm atmosphere swiftly changes as the snake responds by lashing out in a split second, taking everyone by surprise.

Judging from the dead rat on the floor, the snake hadn’t had its dinner so we’re guessing some of his swift reaction could have be down to the munchies.

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Either the snake was gunning for the fly or the guy’s finger when it lashed out. Admittedly, if we were locked in a cage all day we might be a little on the edgy side, too.