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27 Oct, 2011 20:14

TSA agent suspended over vibrator

After the Internet went abuzz over a Transportation Security Administration official’s questionable handling of a sex toy in a patron’s personal baggage, they now say that they’ve come down hard on the guilty party for their inappropriate behavior.
TSA agent suspended over vibrator

Feminist blogger Jill Filipovic flew out of New Jersey’s Newark Airport earlier this month, but upon landing and inspecting her luggage, was greeted with a surprise correspondence courtesy of a curious TSA agent. Packed in her baggage along with her $15 dollar Silver Bullet mini vibrator (which, according to advertisements is as “zippy as the day is long”), was a personalized note from the TSA agent that ran a routine inspection of the blogger’s bag, reading “Get your freak on, girl.”After the initial incident, Filipovic wrote that she thought the TSA’s actions were “a total violation of privacy,” but added that she also “died laughing” after the fact. Even if she could find some humor in the search, she wrote that her assumption was that “whoever left the note assumed I’d be embarrassed about it, which makes the whole thing even worse — it’s not just a violation of privacy, it’s an attempt to humiliate a private citizen.”Nevertheless, her grievances with the airport folk quickly made its rounds on the Internet, eventually catching the attention of Administration officials. Now the TSA writes on their own blog that the person responsible for the letter has been identified and suspended from their position. "The handwritten note was highly inappropriate and unprofessional, and TSA has zero tolerance for this type of behavior,” they say.Personally, Filipovic has zero tolerance for using a vibrator that had been in the hands of an unknown third party, and adds that she has since retired the gadget from her arsenal. Also on the cutting block — she hopes, at least — is the whole incident altogether. “The TSA agent who left me the GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL note was suspended … Now can this go away?” she asked via Twitter on Wednesday.In the fast paced world of the always-updating Internet, there’s no doubt that Filipovic’s sex toy will quickly go the way of most online sensations and will be yesterday’s fodder within a week. In the meantime, we’re sending good vibrations our way to Ms. Filipovic and wish her the best of luck in her future travels. Next time, maybe you should consider carry-on. After all, airplane bathrooms have locks for a reason.