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Tortured notions of interrogation technique

Psycho-thriller “The Torturer” depicts brutal force being used while questioning suspects, and gives an unflinching look at inquisition techniques. But some reviewers doubt if this is a realistic plot.

A real-life interrogator broke the film down for the viewers, saying this fiction is far removed from reality: “I would say this is a textbook for how to do everything wrong.”

“These techniques are actually quite fantasmic really. An interrogator would never have that type of contact anyways with a detainee,” he added.

Matthew Alexander tried to give a realistic scenario of how something like this would look in the real world: “You would never just go straight into asking very obvious questions like that. In terms of psychologically, even just his physical demeanor is reaffirming to her that he is not somebody she should not cooperate with.”

And people questioned in the streets have controversial feelings about this film.

“It looks like it’s something made up,” one man said.

“Do I think it’s realistic? Yes,” answered one woman.

And does it all means that film-makers are spreading the complete wrong message?

“They are. In terms of interrogations, if you don’t take the time in the beginning to see someone as an individual, you will never be able to effectively convince them to cooperate. I think what breeds the most anti-American, sentiment whether it’s in Hollywood or in the real world, is to see Americans who don’t live up to American principles,” Matthew Alexander believes.