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Olberman predicts Boehner sex scandal

Olberman predicts Boehner sex scandal
Boehner’s boner could surpass Weiner’s wiener in sex scandal infamy if Keith Olberman is correct.

Sitting down with talk show host Jimmy Fallon last night, TV personality Keith Olberman shared some gossip about Speaker of the House John Boehner. Commenting on the media’s fascination with Weinergate, Olberman told Fallon, “You know what’s next, right? Something with John Boehner .”

According to Olberman, “all sorts of rumors” have been circulating “for a long time” about the House speaker and Republican congressman.

“His nickname is ‘Boner,’” said Olberman. “He answers to that.”

Whether or not the Current TV host is out for just a laugh is anybody’s guess for now, but when Fallon questioned the authenticity of his allegation with an inquisitive "No!" Olberman responded with a blunt “You’re welcome!”

Olberman also discussed how seemingly everyone was eating up the Weiner tweet incident, politicians and pundits alike. “Democrats don’t support their own in these situations (and) Republicans love to be on the right side of a scandal like this because it doesn’t happen that often,” he said.

He goes on to call the political media a bunch of “morons,” and adds that, if you “give them something that they can actually understand — a penis,” then the story will dominate frontpages, even at a time like this.

Olberman also mocked what most newsroom briefings must have been like in the last few weeks as Weinergate outshined actual news in the mainstream media.

“Of all these stories out here, we got climate change, the economy is in a mess…we got a penis story!”