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PETA bugged over bestiality in the military

PETA bugged over bestiality in the military
Did Congress vote last week to indefinitely detain Americans and hold them without charge in military prisons? Absolutely! But don’t worry; the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act didn’t kill all of your freedoms.

In fact, should President Obama sign the legislation into law, Americans in the armed forces will be allowed a few new rights worth celebrating. Just, please — however you chose to consecrate the Act, keep it to yourself.

While text in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 did indeed give the US military the power to — as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) put it — turn America into a “battlefield,” for the men and women serving the United States, they will be able to, under the legislation, engage in both sodomy and bestiality, legally, while protecting America.

Don’t let lawmakers let you think the terrorists have won. American soldiers can have sex with animals now.


The 97-to-3 vote in the Senate last week is causing a few new controversial legislations, but somehow under the radar of many was text that repealed article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. And what does that say? Let’s take a gander:

(a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense.

(b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Now repealed, the military cannot find those that commit those acts guilty of any crime. Now all sorts of sex (anal sex, gay sex, oral sex, rooster sex, et cetera) are fine and dandy.

Apparently Uncle Sam is a lot more understanding of your sexual preferences than you thought.

While the arguably more dangerous wording in the Act gives Congress the power to engage military rule over every American citizen without reason, the reinstating of sex acts has understandable already garnered its fair share of opponents as well. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins told CNSNews.com that the move is "all about using the military to advance this administration's radical social agenda.”

At the same time, however, Perkins acknowledged that removing the bestiality provision by repealing the act to make sodomy a-okay in the military could have just been “collateral damage.”

Frankly, the whole thing seems like a hairy situation.

“Well, whether it was inadvertent or not, they have also taken out the provision against bestiality,” Perkins adds. “So now, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), there’s nothing there to prosecute bestiality.”

WorldNetDaily reporter Lester Kinsolving asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Monday this week if Obama was in support of the legislation. The journalist quizzed Carney on whether or not Obama was particularly a proponent of sodomy and bestiality, which the secretary shrugged off and asked reporters for their next question.

In typical PETA fashion, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have since gone after the White House for not taking the matter seriously.

“Our office has been flooded with calls from Americans who are upset that this ban has been repealed — and for good reason,” they say in an official statement. “As we outlined in the attached letter sent yesterday to the secretary of defense, animal abuse does not affect animals only — it is also a matter of public safety, as people who abuse animals very often go on to abuse human beings.”

When the Act went before the Republican-dominated House of Representatives earlier this year, the amendment asking for the appeal of the sex law was absent. Only under a revision from the Democrat-controlled Senate did the legalese get snuck in.

And who said left-wingers don’t know how to party?