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Beautiful people travel for free?!

A few bucks tight to take a dream vacation? Well, now all you need is looks and off you jet – with the help of a new dating website – www.misstravel.com.

“We match up wealthy and generous guys and girls who love to travel with somebody attractive – with beautiful people who want to travel free,” says the site’s CEO and founder Brandon Wade.

RT’s crew set up an account to see the chances of actually being offered a free trip. A name, a bit of a description and not even a profile photo – and an invite to travel to England for a week with a so-called “generous” user named “tall wonder” was in the inbox.

The site has tens of thousands of members – adventurous and ready to see it all. Singles of all ages. One side pays– the other goes on a free ride.

“The idea that people who are ‘beautiful’ should enjoy economic advantages over people who are not is disgusting on its face. It’s a smidge different from prostitution,” said editorial columnist and author Ted Rall.

The site’s founder begs to differ.

“No money is ever exchanged. Again, we are very strict about making sure escorts are not allowed to use misstravel.com,” said Brandon Wade.

Sibel has already gone on her first trip through the site.

“Now it’s not taboo to be on any dating site. I think this one is really, really cool. I went to Cabo within two weeks of signing up!”

To Sibel, it’s all about bringing back courtship.

“I am a little old fashioned, I still believe that guys should spoil you, especially when they are trying to impress you,” she said.

Single frequent flyer Ken is on the other side of the game – willing to impress.

“I don’t know if it’s about being lonely, I think it’s probably an easier way to meet someone who wants to travel than walking down the street asking passers-by,” Ken said.

Ken is willing to cover some, but not all of the costs.

“If I find the right person, I am up for subsidizing it, but probably not paying for the whole thing,, he said.

Critics dub this new dating option sexist, classist and tasteless.

“We need a constitutional amendment that says, ‘Some things are just gross.’ There should be a cabinet-level Ministry of Ickiness,” said Ted Rall.

With no such Ministry in sight, the service claims it’s actually a win-win for all.

“Even feminists want to be princesses once in a while. They want a man to pamper them,” said CEO Brandon Wade.

With endless pages of princesses awaiting pampering, wealthy magical knights can pick and choose who they will rescue next.