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19 Aug, 2021 18:29

DC bomb suspect claims explosives-laden truck is one of FIVE, warns detonation could destroy city blocks in livestream

DC bomb suspect claims explosives-laden truck is one of FIVE, warns detonation could destroy city blocks in livestream

A man who claims to have an explosive device that could destroy multiple city blocks near the Library of Congress in Washington, DC has directly addressed President Joe Biden in a livestream that has since been taken down.

Capitol Police revealed earlier on Thursday they had evacuated the area near the Library of Congress on Capitol Hill after a man pulled up in a pickup truck and claimed to have an explosive device. 

The man, identified in media reports as Floyd Roy Roseberry though he has only been identified by police, had posted footage to Facebook of himself in his truck before his page was quickly deleted. Many on social media, however, have taken to sharing the clips in an attempt to figure out the 49-year-old’s motivations. 

During a 30-minute monologue that is at times nonsensical, Roseberry alleges that four other people have transported explosives to unidentified locations, which at one point he suggests are also in the DC area.

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He also refers to Biden as “Joe” repeatedly, suggesting the president himself would bear responsibility for Roseberry’s death if he is killed during Thursday’s incident. He claims to have enough explosives in a toolbox to take out multiple city blocks, and says this will happen if he is killed and then a “revolution” will begin. 

At another point, the man demands to speak with the president on the phone and that he is “one of five,” but refers to himself as “the speaker.” He also claims he was the one who told Capitol Police to begin evacuating the area. 

According to reports on Roseberry’s Facebook page – before it was taken down – he had made multiple posts criticizing Biden and shared posts by conservative commentators. 

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