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24 Mar, 2021 17:33

Liberal activist Michael Moore hammered for ‘vile’ tweet attacking American culture after Colorado mass shooting

Liberal activist Michael Moore hammered for ‘vile’ tweet attacking American culture after Colorado mass shooting

Filmmaker and gun control advocate Michael Moore is under fire for declaring that by murdering 10 people in a supermarket the alleged Colorado gunman truly integrated himself into “our beloved American culture.”

“The life of Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa shows that people can come from all over the world and truly assimilate into our beloved American culture,” Moore quipped on Tuesday night, a day after Alissa, a Syrian immigrant to the US, allegedly shot 10 people dead in a Colorado supermarket.

Moore’s sarcastic tweet drew instant condemnation. “Did you really tweet this,” conservative activist Scott Presler replied. “We allowed him refuge in our country & he repaid us by murdering our own people. This is [the] most heartless tweet I’ve seen in a long time.”

Moore has been an anti-gun crusader since some of these commenters were in diapers. His feature-length documentary ‘Bowling for Columbine’ examined America’s love affair with guns in the aftermath of the 1994 Columbine high school shooting, and since then he’s popped up after most high-profile mass shootings to demand tougher gun laws – and to try his hand at edgy humor.

“One proud White American, in less than 2 minutes, has killed TWICE as many Americans as ISIS has in 2 years,” he tweeted in 2015, after Dylann Roof shot up a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, adding the phrase “White Terrorists” for good measure.

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Despite the initial assertions of dozens of mainstream journalists and pundits, Alissa is not a white man, so Moore didn’t get to attack “white terrorists” this time. However, he still found a way to turn the blame onto white America, tweeting, “Now that we know who the Boulder killer is, we will soon see the pundits & bigots harp on ‘Middle Eastern’ & ‘Islamic,’” adding: “a young man with anger issues & easy access to semi-automatic weapons who shoots up a nice town in Colorado is as American as apple pie.”

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