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7 Dec, 2020 18:19

Sidney Powell’s ‘Kraken’ election fraud lawsuits harpooned by judges in Georgia and Michigan

Sidney Powell’s ‘Kraken’ election fraud lawsuits harpooned by judges in Georgia and Michigan

Two lawsuits alleging massive election fraud by Democrats have been dismissed in Georgia and Michigan. The suits, filed by former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, alleged a vast conspiracy to rig the election for Joe Biden.

Powell’s first setback came in Michigan on Monday, when US District Court Judge Linda V. Parker rejected a suit asking for Joe Biden’s win in the state to be overturned, based on the theory that voting machines manufactured by Dominion – a foreign-owned company – “flipped” thousands of votes from Donald Trump to Biden in Detroit.

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Parker ruled that Powell’s evidence amounted to “an amalgamation of theories, conjecture, and speculation,” and was brought too late. “This ship has sailed,” the judge wrote, concluding: “The people have spoken.”

Hours later, Powell’s Georgia lawsuit met a similar fate. In a verbal ruling, US District Court Judge Timothy C. Batten ruled the suit legally deficient, and argued that “this suit could have been filed months ago,” when Georgia adopted Dominion’s machines. Furthermore, Batten called Powell’s request – to order Georgia’s secretary of state to decertify Biden’s narrow win in the state – “extraordinary,” and one his court could not grant.

In both cases, the argument that Powell should have sued before election day angered President Trump’s supporters. “I guess they should have filed this suit before the actual election fraud occurred,” one commenter wrote, while another called the logic behind the ruling “absurd.”

Powell’s lawsuits too have been deemed absurd by much of the political and media establishment, and now by judges too. In Georgia, her suit alleged that Georgia officials “knowing or unknowingly” used Dominion’s machines – which she linked to Venezuela’s late ruler Hugo Chavez – to rig the election for Biden. The machines, she argued, were designed by “foreign oligarchs and dictators” to be impervious to audit and purpose-built to flip elections. 

Powell will almost certainly appeal the two rulings. Outside Georgia and Michigan, the one-time Trump lawyer has similar cases ongoing in Wisconsin and Arizona, both states that recently certified Joe Biden’s win over Trump. 

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Court cases notwithstanding, the Electoral College is due to vote in a week to declare Biden the next president of the US. With defeat looming, Trump has attempted to convince state officials to overturn the allegedly fraudulent results and send pro-Trump electors to Congress instead. However, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp explicitly ruled out this long-shot option on Sunday, saying that it is “not an option that is allowed under state or federal law.”

At a rally in Georgia on Sunday, Trump insisted that his opponents “cheated and rigged” the election, and that by auditing the vote and matching signatures on ballots against voter rolls, Kemp “could stop it very easily if he knew what the hell he was doing!” 

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