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4 Jan, 2020 17:55

A ‘woke’ comic celebrated PewDiePie’s wife being robbed, the internet said enough is enough

A ‘woke’ comic celebrated PewDiePie’s wife being robbed, the internet said enough is enough

A wholesome meme about empathy has set the internet ablaze as opposing sides duke it out. Initially created to ward off a vitriolic comic, far left reactionaries are not taking too kindly to being painted as perpetrators of hate. 

As the next decade was ushered in, it brought with it what can only be surmised as the first official meme of the current year. Hitting the number one trending spot in the United States, ‘New Guy’ became an instantly popular method of combating toxic woke folk, a sort of resistance created by people who are tired of the abuse spewed by those who see themselves on the peak of morality mountain. 

The meme took life after a comic created by trans cartoonist Mallorie Jessica Udischas began circulating last month. In it, a purple haired female meant to represent the artist is seen laughing at the recent real world crime in which popular YouTuber PewDiePie’s house was robbed. The girl is then confronted by a coworker wearing a badge simply saying “New Guy” who upon learning what she is laughing at expresses a belief that she wouldn’t like it if her own house was broken into. The girl then tells the guy she can see they will become good friends, to which he expresses a giant smile while asking “wow really” only for the chick to say “hell no.” A line which brings the comic to an end.

That the artist viewed herself as the good person in the drawing as she berates a seemingly innocent fictionalized man and celebrates the hardship of a very real one kicked off a flurry of anger once it became widely circulated. Possibly due to how accurately it represents the toxic side of the modern woke ‘progressive’.

For years they have tried to paint themselves as moral superiors as they belittle anyone who doesn’t share their system of beliefs, even when such beliefs cause celebration when others are the victims of crime. Seemingly tired of the nonsense of recent years, a large portion of the internet made a stand, and ‘New Guy’ was born. 

In no time at all it skyrocketed to the top of the trending page on Twitter, and countless tweets with thousands upon thousands of likes filled the site. Some users even went through older comics of the same artist to rectify other situations in which she harassed others. All in all, people took pleasure in spreading a meme about positivity, yet this moment of widespread joy was soon spun into a narrative of abuse. 

Not happy with being depicted as they really are, and unwilling to take it sitting down, sleepwalkers – something I like to call woke people as they are anything but awake – began claiming the meme was bred out of hate. And, never willing to let a good identity marker go to waste, such people even suggested criticism levied at the artist was all part of a harassment campaign to abuse a transgendered individual. 

All actions which highlight why so much frustration has arisen in the first place. For the past handful of years the regressive side of the mainstream left has erected a bubble comprised of protective buzzwords. Criticize certain people’s words or actions and you’re attacking a so-called marginalized individual and framed as a bigot. Meanwhile, they can spew as many vile utterances as they want, all while celebrating the suffering of others. 

The sheer hypocrisy of it all has clearly struck a nerve, and one can only hope the next ten years will see more backlash aimed their way. To which if ‘New Guy’ is any indication, that may very well be the case. A quick browse of the profiles spreading the meme depicts a bipartisan unionship. ‘New Guy’ is neither left, nor right. Or up or down. It is a meme shared by a conglomerate of people from all walks of life. A reality that doesn’t mesh with the fictional one imagined by those it depicts in a poor light. 

That it is being shared by any and every one shows that the era of the ‘woke’ may be coming to an end. People are exhausted by the never ending negativity these individuals launch at the populace. On a grander scale, it seems people are just tired of negativity in general. The last few years have been a never ending battleground of social issues and politics, a fight which has ended careers, ruined friendships, and given rise to a culture willing to cancel anybody over the most minor of slights. 

In that sense, a meme about empathy is exactly what the internet needs.

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