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14 Nov, 2020 08:21

‘One second that got it pulled’: YouTube removes podcast featuring Alex Jones for ‘harassment and bullying’ policy violation

‘One second that got it pulled’: YouTube removes podcast featuring Alex Jones for ‘harassment and bullying’ policy violation

Alex Jones has found himself at the center of another censorship dispute, after comments he made resulted in his podcast discussion with journalist Tim Pool being pulled by YouTube. 

The Infowars host appeared as a guest on Pool’s Timcast IRL podcast on Thursday, alongside conservative pundit and provocateur Michael Malice. 

The episode, which touched on topics ranging from coronavirus lockdowns to the US presidential election, received around one million views before YouTube scrubbed it, claiming the podcast violated its policies against “harassment and bullying.”

In a series of tweets, Pool confirmed that the video had been deleted but said he was working to reupload the discussion. 

He said that Jones had violated the platform’s policies, and later hinted that the video was deleted due to comments made by the Infowars host about Bill Gates and end-of-life care. 

Jones accused the billionaire of supporting “death panels for old people.” After being challenged over his assertion, he retorted: “I just think there should be a firing squad. I agree with Bill Gates.” 

“No, you can’t say that man, come on,” Pool responded. 

Moments later, Jones insisted that he was being “sarcastic” and complained that his comments were often taken out of context. 

“Here’s the thing. They take everything we say and make it this big thing.” 

In 2018, Jones was banned from Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify, with the platforms accusing him of hate speech and inciting hatred. 

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However, he has managed to bypass the restrictions by appearing as a guest on other people’s programs. His recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, which is hosted on Spotify, caused an uproar as listeners vowed to cancel their subscriptions. The company reportedly issued an internal memo in which it said it would not ban individuals on other people’s shows, so long as they don’t violate their content policies. 

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