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Censorship news

Censorship news
Get the news from RT on censorship, which is the suppression of free speech or control of the information and ideas circulated within society. Find the news and stories on the reasons why governments and private organizations resort to censorship. Usually the reason of engaging in censorship is consideration of certain material to be controversial, harmful, inaccurate, or “inconvenient.” Read RT.com to find the news and articles on the history of censorship. Throughout centuries censorship has been a hallmark of dictatorships. Yet censorship can be used in order to ensure internal and external security of the country, stability of its system, respecting human rights and freedoms. Censorship can be political, religious, used in educational terms, creative, self-censorship, etc. Find the news on RT about the censorship in the modern society. Very often we hear about it is being used in mass and social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and others. Find the news on views and comments of the prominent people on censorship nowadays. Many claim that censorship is a threat to both left and right wings. In summer 2018 right-wing commentator Alex Jones, considered by some to be quite controversial, was banned from Twitter. Many experts called Twitter’s action the end to the censorship.
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