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4 Nov, 2020 19:19

‘Bernie is a time traveler!’: WATCH Sanders predict post-election chain of events in detail weeks ago

‘Bernie is a time traveler!’: WATCH Sanders predict post-election chain of events in detail weeks ago

Senator Bernie Sanders went viral the day after the US presidential election with an earlier interview where he managed to predict the confusing aftermath of the contest between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

Sanders, a former presidential candidate himself, sat down with late night host Jimmy Fallon in October to talk about the future election’s results.

“It is likely that the first votes that will be counted will be those people who came in on election day, which will be Republican,” Sanders told Fallon, mentioning specifically the key Rust Belt states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. The senator went on to explain that the three battlegrounds will not be able to start processing their mailed-in ballots until election day, despite an overwhelming number of Americans, mostly Democrats, choosing to vote by mail due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

And indeed, hours after election night the Rust Belt states keep counting the mailed ballots, which are tipping the scale toward Biden.

Then Sanders truly hits the bullseye, guessing that President Donald Trump would prematurely declare victory, despite the votes not being tallied yet. And sure enough, Trump did say on Wednesday that he won the election just like that.

After that Sanders guessed that Trump would argue that the mail-in ballots were “fraudulent” and “crooked.”

Twitter users were very impressed with Sanders’ political foresight, jokingly calling him a “time traveler” and a “psychic.”

Other commenters, however, went on to say that it’s the “cognizant and clear headed” Sanders, who should have led the Democratic Party’s ticket, instead of Joe Biden. “Bernie should be our president today. Hands down,” tweeted one of his supporters.

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