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27 Oct, 2020 15:43

Never-Trumper Ana Navarro mocked for shaming third-party voters, after saying she’d write in her MOTHER on 2016 ballot

Never-Trumper Ana Navarro mocked for shaming third-party voters, after saying she’d write in her MOTHER on 2016 ballot

After blaming Americans who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton for the confirmation of a new conservative Supreme Court justice, commentator Ana Navarro was reminded she had vowed to write in her own mother’s name on the 2016 ballot.

“If you’re mad Amy Coney Barrett was just rammed through to replace RBG, then you better get off your duff and vote,” Navarro tweeted late on Monday following the senate confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. 

“To those who voted for Jill Stein or the pot-smoker from New Mexico, or wrote-in, “Mickey Mouse...congrats on your new SCOTUS Justice!” she added, referring to libertarian Gary Johnson as the “pot-smoker.”

Navarro was repeating a popular talking point among both anti-Trump conservatives, like herself, and Democratic Party-supporting liberals, that third party and write-in voters were responsible for Clinton’s loss in 2016 and should have coalesced around the failed candidate.

However, ‘The View’ co-host was quickly taken down a peg by a swarm of social media commenters, who were eager to remind her that in 2016 Navarro herself vowed to write in her mother’s name, instead of voting for Clinton.

Not only did Navarro pledge her vote to her own mother several times on Twitter, she also said it on air on CNN’s ‘New Day’ show.

Others said Navarro went too far with her shaming of non-Clinton voters. “Next you'll blame voters for the death of RBG,” quipped former Senate candidate Sema Hernandez.

Some simply mocked Navarro, saying she convinced them to vote for Clinton (or her mom) in 2020.

Despite commenters piling on the host for supposed hypocrisy, as the election neared, Navarro said she would ultimately vote for Clinton, to try and secure her position in Florida, which Donald Trump ended up winning nevertheless.

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