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25 Oct, 2020 22:46

Reddit censors alleged Hunter Biden ‘sex tape’ shared on video hosting subsidiary of Chinese firm co-founded by Steve Bannon

Reddit censors alleged Hunter Biden ‘sex tape’ shared on video hosting subsidiary of Chinese firm co-founded by Steve Bannon

Social media websites, including Reddit, have taken to censoring the sharing of an alleged Hunter Biden sex tape published on the platform of a Chinese media company connected to Steve Bannon.

Joe Biden’s son Hunter has become even more of a focus for critics after an alleged sex tape involving "crack" usage was published on Saturday night. 

The video, along with several images, were put out through GTV, a subsidiary of GTV Media Group, which was founded in April of this year by Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, a fugitive in China for fraud, and Steve Bannon, a former advisor to President Donald Trump.

Bannon's apparent link is notable as he's one of the people who reportedly has had access to the infamous hard drive allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden. The drive allegedly includes not only more sexually explicit and drug-use images, but also emails that suggest the former vice president was involved in foreign business dealings with his son while in office, something he has long claimed is not true.

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Reportedly edited in the video is the text saying Joe Biden is “100% controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Stories about Hunter’s alleged hard drive were already heavily censored on social media platforms, especially the original report from The New York Post, put together in cooperation with Bannon and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. 

This new ‘sex tape’ is now also being heavily censored, with some claiming even posts on Reddit simply discussing its content have been taken down. Multiple moderators of channels have reported to their users that they have been contacted by Reddit administrators about policing any content that shares any part of the video as it equates to “involuntary pornography,” which violates their content policies. 

Moderators for the r/conspiracy channel warned their users about posting about the video and said even future posts related to the video will depend on “further instructions” from Reddit.


Other social media sites have been similarly censoring the video, with Twitter even taking to banning accounts that post screenshots from the video, though copies have still been leaking through on platforms despite the efforts to target accounts sharing the content. 

Both Bannon and Giuliani have promised there is more Hunter Biden material to come, with Giuliani even claiming to have seen images of underage girls on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, which he says he turned over to police. 

While many mainstream media outlets have ran stories casting doubt on the credibility on the information being released, a former business partner of Hunter’s, Tony Bobulinski, came forward this week corroborating allegations of Joe Biden’s office being used to leverage foreign business dealings and he turned over multiple phones to the FBI he claims confirm his accusations. 

Trump has called the laptop that led to the data released through the Post the “laptop from Hell.” Biden, meanwhile, has only called stories about his son a “smear campaign.” 

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