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China-US news

Follow RT for news on diplomatic, political, and economic relations between superpowers China and the US. China-US relations are considered by many experts to be among the most important in the world and very complex. China and the US have extensive economic ties, along with a number of issues related to their hegemonic rivalry in the Pacific. Get news and updates on the 2018 China-US trade war, in which both the US and China have imposed tariffs on each other. China claims the US started “the biggest trade war in economic history.” Find news and updates on relations between US President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Lately, there have been tensions between the two leaders amid the sharpened Sino-American rivalry. The US has had a lot of influence in Asia, including China, but this has been changing as the economic growth of China and countries across Asia has significantly increased. Get news and updates on RT.com.