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16 Sep, 2020 22:40

'Embarrassing': ABC’s Jon Karl slammed after saying attending indoor Trump rally is like 'taking your family to Fallujah'

'Embarrassing': ABC’s Jon Karl slammed after saying attending indoor Trump rally is like 'taking your family to Fallujah'

ABC News’ Jon Karl has compared attending an indoor rally for President Donald Trump to “taking your family into Fallujah,” an opinion that is earning him plenty of criticism for being just a tad overdramatic.

“This is not like embedding with the Marines in Fallujah,” Karl told the National Journal about attending indoor Trump rallies during the Covid-19 pandemic. “It is like you are taking your family with you to Fallujah.”

Karl specifically criticized a recent event held by the president in Las Vegas, which had prompted plenty of accusations that he setting up dangerous conditions for his supporters and the press.

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Karl has actually worked as a journalist in war zones, but that apparently has not changed his mind about comparing a political rally in the US to the Iraq War.

“I covered a Trump rally in Colorado Springs. I stood with members of the media while the crowd turned and booed during his bit about ‘Fake News.’ I then got back in the car and drove away without a scratch,” journalist Stephen Miller tweeted in reaction to Karl’s comparison.

“This is embarrassing,” Post Millennial writer Chad Relix Green added

Former congressional candidate Ford O’Connell tweeted that the riots engulfing many US cities in recent months which many in the media had "turned a blind eye to" are "far more dangerous" than Trump's campaign rallies.

Others even took to posting pictures to remind Karl of the difference between the two.

Karl is no stranger to criticizing Trump. He frequently slams him on Twitter, has published a book describing him as “norm-breaking, rule-busting, dangerously reckless,” and has clashed with the president at numerous press conferences. 

Following the release of tapes by veteran journalist Bob Woodward in which Trump says he played down the Covid-19 pandemic to avoid causing public panic, Karl asked the president why he "lied to the American people."

The president called it a “terrible question” and said Karl was a “disgrace” to his network.

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