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1 Mar, 2020 04:07

‘You can’t win ‘em all’: Sanders concedes defeat in South Carolina, says he ‘believes strongly’ in Super Tuesday success

‘You can’t win ‘em all’: Sanders concedes defeat in South Carolina, says he ‘believes strongly’ in Super Tuesday success

Senator Bernie Sanders brushed off concerns over his second-place finish in the South Carolina primary, saying he hopes to bring it home on Super Tuesday when 14 states vote for the Democratic Party nominee.

Sanders, who was busy campaigning in Norfolk, Virginia when the South Carolina primary results came in, appeared upbeat about his campaign’s future, describing it as a minor setback.

“I’m very proud that in this campaign so far we have won the popular vote in Iowa, we have won the New Hampshire primary, we have won the Nevada caucus, but you cannot win them all.”

Sanders said that what he believes will be his road to the Democratic nomination won’t be without bumps, predicting there could be more losses along the way.

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“And that will not be the only defeat, there are a lot of states in this country, nobody wins them all,” the self-described democratic socialist said, while congratulating Biden, who was the heavy favorite to win the South Carolina contest from the outset.

Sanders, who rather unexpectedly emerged as an early frontrunner among fellow Democratic hopefuls, said he is looking forward to Super Tuesday, a crucial moment in the race. 

“I believe very strongly that the people of this country on Super Tuesday and after are going to support our campaign. Because we are more than a campaign, we are a movement”

The Vermont independent was previously leading his competitors with 45 delegates after clear victories in New Hampshire and Nevada, and will be adding at least nine pledged delegates to his growing list after South Carolina.

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Biden, for his part, was all smiles when he took to the stage in Columbia, South Carolina, declaring that his campaign “was very much alive" after his dismal results in the three previous contests.

“This campaign is taking off,” a jubilant Biden said, before taking a swipe at Sanders.

“Most Americans don’t want the promise of revolution, they want more than promises, they want results"

Firing up the crowd, the former vice president once again invoked his ex-boss, Barack Obama – despite the fact that the former president has not endorsed him.

“If Democrats want to nominee [someone] who’s a Democrat, a life-long Democrat, a proud Democrat, and an Obama-Biden democrat, join us”

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