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Poetic revenge: GOP’s impeachment-themed Christmas POEM has Twitter spitting out its eggnog

Poetic revenge: GOP’s impeachment-themed Christmas POEM has Twitter spitting out its eggnog
Spreading some Christmas spirit, the GOP House Oversight Committee has posted a lengthy impeachment-themed holiday poem. While the verses may not pass muster with Yeats or Milton, Twitter received the gift with glee – mostly.

Written along the lines of Clement Clarke Moore’s ‘‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,’ the Republican committee shared the satirical poem to Twitter on Tuesday night in nine parts, poking fun at members of the Democratic “Coastal Impeachment Squad,” and taking special pleasure in mocking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“‘Twas the night before #impeachment and all through the House, Pelosi chased vulnerable Democrats, like a cat after a mouse,” the composition begins.

As the House gears up for a full vote this week on two impeachment articles recently passed by the judiciary committee, the GOP appears to already have its mind on November, joking that Democrats are losing sleep at the prospect of facing President Trump in the next election.

The parody was also sure to mention Democratic Representative Jeff Van Drew, who recently signaled that he might soon jump the aisle and join the dreaded Party of Trump. While Van Drew has declined to confirm the news, the rumor was enough to trigger a mass exodus of staffers from his office, likely fearful that their ties to the congressman would tarnish their careers in the Democratic Party.

Casting Democratic lawmakers in the role of Santa’s reindeer – with Pelosi as St. Nick himself – the composition concludes with another election prediction, assured that voters will give them the boot at the next opportunity.

Netizens responded to the Republican poetry largely in good spirits, with one commenter praising the “smart interns” running the committee’s “Twitter machine.”

Some netizens were not feeling the Christmas cheer, however, angry that the committee would spend its tax-funded time on the clock on such literary projects.

Some critics were willing to play along, a few even drafting up their own verses in response.

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